Kick-off event

Circular Design Challenge kick off event picture

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The Circular Design Challenge starts with the kick-off event on Friday the 10th of June from 14:00 to 18:00 hours. Get inspired and learn more about circular design. The event is open for non-participating students, register for the kick-off event through Facebook.

During the event several inspiring lectures will be given about designing for the circular economy. First Pieter van Os (Reversed Concepts) will present the results and lessons learned from the cases so the students will know what can be expected. The second lecture will be given by Ruud Balkenende, prof. van Circular Product Design (TU Delft), and he will dive into ‘Design for Recycling’ and give interesting examples how to apply this.

After that, the students get to work on a ‘tear-down’ session. As a result a better understanding has been gained how to redesign products so that they last longer, can be easily repaired and the parts can be recycled properly after usage. The session will be guided by Bas Flipsen, researcher at ifixit and lecturer at Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft).


14:00   Introduction – Ivo Salters

14:15   Lecture ‘Lessons learned Circular Design Cases’ – Pieter van Os

15:00 Lecture ‘Closin­­­­­g the loop’ – Ruud Balkenende

15:45 break

16:00 Tear down session – Bas Flipsen

17:30 Wrap-up – Ivo Salters


pieter Pieter van Os (Reversed Concepts)

Pieter van Os is working on energy and material efficiency for over 10 years now. Building an attractive business while contributing to stop exhaustion of the planet. He is applying his professional skill of bringing innovative products, services and concepts to market as entrepreneur under the name of Reversed Concepts. At the same time all knowledge and experiences gained with these ventures is the basis for the consulting branch Pure&Profit. He currently is one of the partners in the team that is developing and operating CIRCO: “business creation through circular design”.

Ruud Ruud Balkende (TU Delft / Industrial Design Engineering)

Since 2009 he has been mainly involved in research and development related to materials scarcity and product recyclability. Linking product architecture and materials science to resource efficiency was the main driver. He has set up and coordinated international collaboration on improved recyclability of electronic products. This has resulted in design guidelines as well as new products with improved recyclability. Since 2013 his activities extended from recyclability to circular economy, i.e. reusing products or parts at a functional level instead of recovering materials. Here he was involved in establishing the Philips strategy, focusing on the technological framework for implementation in product design.

bas Bas Flipsen (ifixit)

As an educated aeronautical (Msc) and industrial design engineer (Msc) I find it interesting to apply the quantitative ways of airplane design in designing mass-produced products. In short I like to automate design processes by means of mathematical modeling.

Mathematics and conceptual quantification are the key to design “the first time right”. My focus is specifically on the concept phase of design. For my PhD I have developed an algorithm which identifies the opportunity of fuel-cell systems applied in portable electronics. In this algorithm the designer is relieved from the tedious job of producing structural variants and evaluating them. The computer is introduced to produce and evaluate more-or-less unlimited amount of structural variants by means of parametric design

The event is organised in cooperation with FabCity and Open Source Circular Economy days.

fabcity FabCity is a temporary and freely accessible campus open at the head of Amsterdam’s Java Island in the city’s Eastern Harbour District. Conceived as a green, self-sustaining city, FabCity comprises of approximately 50 innovative pavilions, installations and prototypes.
OSCED_LOGO_Green-170 OSCEdays is an open, distributed and globally connected event in order to exchange ideas and solutions for an Open Source Circular Economy.