Judging panel

Selected for their experience and knowledge in circular design, these judges will select the students that will participate during the Circular Design Challenge. The jury will also nominate the top 10 best concepts that will pitch during the Dutch Design Week 2016 at CLICKNL DRIVE. Based on the pitches the jury will select the best circular design. Every member of the judging panel will have a certain aspect, bases on their expertise, that will have extra  attention to while judging.

Gerrit Gerrit Bruggeman (Business Design)

My mission is to guide organizations towards a sustainable & circular future with the Cradle to Cradle vision. A vision which empowers us all to live in a world with healthy, renewable products, clean water & energy and social fairness. I believe we need to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the planet in order to reshape our future.

As a board room advisor I support leading companies in their transformation to a sustainable future, addressing the mindset, leadership & culture and strategy to create momentum for a joint effort with major stakeholders to fundamentally re-invent products, ingredients, processes, water, energy and social fairness.

In working for organizations with great ambitions in sustainability like the Cradle to Cradle Insititute, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry ( MBDC), Royal Auping, Van Houtum and many others I am experiencing that the transition towards sustainability leads to greater passion and pride, while boosting the bottom line at the same time. In working with people I treasure integrity, honesty, authenticity and respect .

As Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Design Foundation Gerrit simulates among other things the interaction between design and circular economy.

marcel den hollander Marcel den Hollander (Product Design)

Marcel den Hollander is researcher at Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft working on the project “Products that Last”. This project is about finding successful business models and design strategies to create value for companies and consumers in a circular economy through longer-lasting products, while minimising resource consumption.

marcel Marcel Zwiers (Service Design)

Founding partner of 31Volts, the experienced service design agency based in the Netherlands. Established in 2007, we started off as the first design agency that applied a design approach to help organizations deal with their service innovation agenda.

The challenges we face come from a wide range of clients. We currently work with companies in insurance, travel, infrastructure and publishing industries. Most of the time the organizations have clear goals, but the challenges themselves are often hard to get a grip on. That’s where we step in. ‘What does […] mean to you?’ is the question you will hear a lot when working with 31Volts.

In 2012-2013 Marcel developed the first dedicated Dutch Undergraduate Service Design Minor at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

As an experiment Marcel decided to take the role of Minister of Design. A project that will hopefully develop into a better understanding of the value of design.