Terms and conditions

Download here the Terms and Conditions of the Circular Design Challenge.


The objective of the Circular Design Challenge is give design students a knowledge boost and to create examples of consumer products that are suitable for a circular economy. They will also have the opportunity to apply the principles of circular design, in addition to obtaining information and inspiration in this regard.


The Circular Design Challenge is a closed challenge for design students in one of the accredited programmes at a university or university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and Belgium. Participants must have been enrolled as students in an accredited programme for the 2015/2016 academic year.

To participate in the Circular Design Challenge, students must register using the registration form on circulardesignchallenge.nl/register no later than 10 July 2016.

After the close of the registration period, a selection shall be made from amongst all registrations that meet the terms and conditions, as described in the following articles. The selection shall take into account a maximum number of participants.

The organisation reserves the right to exclude any participant from participation, even during the challenge, if all of the regulations and obligations have not been fulfilled, as specified in these terms and conditions.


The proposal for the design challenge that accompanies registration must be submitted according to the format specified on the website, and it must meet the requirements specified on the website.

In this proposal, participants shall describe what they will be investigating and designing, how it fits within the time schedule of the Circular Design Challenge and what the focus and scope of the design challenge will be.

In the proposal, participants shall justify their choices for the products that

  • do not have a short lifespan and can be used over a certain period of time;
  • that would be recognisable to the widest possible audience;
  • and that consist of multiple components or materials.

In the description, participants shall provide concise information on the context of the products according to the following elements:

  • product or product category;
  • related direct and indirect services;
  • underlying business models in the existing market;*
  • and a description of any aspects of the product that are not circular.


The design process is divided into three phases, with participants publishing the result of each phase on the open online platform referred to in Article 6.

  • Why? Description of the background of the selected product and the design challenge.
  • How? Presentation of the vision or direction of the design.
  • What? Description and visualisation of the end solution according to an elaborated draft.

* The Dutch market may be taken as a starting point in this regard.


The Circular Design Challenge shall proceed according to the following time schedule:

  • registration through circulardesignchallenge.nl/register no later than 10 July 2016;
  • selection of participant proposals no later than 15 July 2016;
  • Coaching session with professionals in September 2016 (exact date to be announced). This date shall be announced through the website;
  • 10 October 2016: selection of the 10 best designs;
  • 26 October 2016: pitches and awards for the 10 best designs during Dutch Design Week 2016 on CLICKNL DRIVE.


Individual participants shall receive unique links and access to the open online platform at www.circulardesignchallenge.nl, where they shall publish their results from the various design phases no later than the dates and time specified below:

  • Why? deadline: 29 August 2016 before 10:00;
  • How? deadline: 19 September 2016 before 10:00;
  • What? deadline: 10 October 2016 before 10:00;


A jury will select a top-10 list from amongst the designs submitted in the final design phase. Participants will pitch these designs on CLICKNL DRIVE during Dutch Design Week 2016. The members of the jury will be announced on www.circulardesignchallenge.nl/judging-panel on a date that has yet to be determined. Two awards will be presented based on the pitch: the public prize and the professional jury prize. The public prize will be awarded to the design that receives the most votes from the audience, and the professional jury prize will be selected by the jury. Both of these prizes will be awarded during CLICKNL DRIVE on 26 October 2016 during Dutch Design Week 2016. The jury’s decision shall be binding, and no correspondence will be entered into. CIRCO shall unconditionally submit to the decision of the jury.


  • During the challenge, participants shall be prohibited from violating any rights of third parties, shall exempt CIRCO from liability from any claims for damages from third parties and shall provide compensation for all damages and costs (including any costs associated with legal representation) that CIRCO incurs in connection with such claims for damages.
  • The intellectual property of the design and the rights emerging from it shall rest with the participant.
  • By participating in the Circular Design Challenge, participants irrevocably grant CIRCO the right to publish their designs and interim results on the websites circulardesignchallenge.nl and www.circulairondernemen.nl, through the social media channel of Nederland Circulair and their partners and (digital and physical) publications made by CLICKNL | DESIGN..
  • The top 10 designs selected by the jury will be pitched by the participants at CLICKNL DRIVE during Dutch Design Week 2016.
  • CIRCO reserves the right to exhibit all designs from the challenge after Dutch Design Week at a location and time to be announced by CIRCO. To this end, CIRCO shall retain the designs and associated aspects in its possession for as long as it deems necessary.


CIRCO shall not be held liable in any way for any damage to the designs of participants during the course of the challenge, as well as during the period in which CIRCO retains the designs in its possession or has a design transported.


The Circular Design Challenge is governed by Dutch law. Any disputes emerging from or associated with the challenge shall be submitted exclusively to the competent court in The Hague.


  • CIRCO shall be entitled to change and/or adjust the terms and conditions at any time. Changes shall be announced on circulardesignchallenge.nl/terms-and-conditions
  • If one of more provisions prove legally invalid, the other provisions shall remain in force. In such a case, maximum efforts shall be made to correspond to the intention of the provision to be changed.


Any questions regarding the Circular Design Challenge should be directed to Ivo Salters, Coordinator of the Circular Design Challenge; email: info@circulardesignchallenge.nl