For many machines the motor is the most important component especially for power tools and appliances. The running motor defines these products function and value. Once the motor is damaged, the product loses their purpose. If functional, they are put away for most of its lifespan until it is needed. If it cannot fulfill a task, then a new product will join the same cycle.

It almost seems like the components are trapped in these products. What if we liberate the hardware in a modular design by requiring no technical skills to modify a single motor to solve multiple tasks?

The market could adopt the modular-motor as a flagship product shared among a large series of parts. A combination could make a drill, a blender, a mower and so on. Directed towards consumers there is a strong hybrid model and for a business product the performance model is compatible for larger machine combinations. With this flexibility, focusing on components over one-off, products could create a more adaptive industry.

Modular motor tecknical drawing


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