The Vision

The Modular Motor concept originated from past experiences from observing people using construction tools to solve their unique problems.

One that specifically caught my attention was a contraption made by an art student. It was made out of random junk, fitted together and in constant rotation. The sculpture was given life by the help of an improvised electric drill.

Why not provide a motor that is easy to control and easy to install instead?


The first form: the Motor as a multi tool.

The Parts that defines the tool, like a Drill, will be its own modular part. The prime parts, such as the motor, the batteries, and a handle also used as controls, will be attached together to make a larger unit that can facilitate switching without the need to reattach the battery and the motor. This is not a new concept entirely, but rather a bonus option on the motor’s flexibility.


The second form: the Motor as affordable heavy power tool.

The Motor also uses this flexibility for more complex heads, like the circular saw, for example, which will include its extra needed features, all isolated on a single modular part. Depending on the combination, more motor size variations may be available to satisfy the torque and speed needed to accomplish its function. The options of heads also could vary to kitchen or gardening machinery, that all share the same core parts they have in common. Towards a more advance level, the heads could be also fitted on a build-it-yourself structure for precision and automation, turning a motor into a primary muscle.


The third form: the Motor as an open source.

With the flexibility of the tools and its specific heads and other parts as well, the Motor could be also used to make unique problem solving constructions. With the online community, anyone could inspire new combinations or new specialized parts that may become the next available option for the consumers.

Idea two: as a Business product.

Borrowing many characteristics of the first idea, but in the form of a service, the Motor in this condition is allowed to overcome the complexity of power and size and to grow into a more complex machine to better fit a higher demand for a small business.

The performance model would be the essence for the Motor. Instead of buying the motor, the running time is been charged.

With the Motors Modularity, it is designed for Dis- & Reassembly as a whole, with extra replaceable parts in case of failure. The Motor is simplified to help the clients to transform the combination into an entirely new machine, if it needs to be upgraded. The parts can also be sent back for repair or maintenance and then resold to a new workshop.

Similar to the consumer idea for an open source community, this enterprise of flexible machines could experiment with special solutions for some clients and emerging startups. The client could ask for parts to construct their own tools, and all they need is to pay the running time for the facilities.


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